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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

In an earlier post the subject of petroleum reserves was discussed. More recent reports touch on the same issue note that "peak" reserves which was earlier reported to occur about now, will not be reached until 2030 if then. The fact is, the proven reserve number goes up with every new significant oil discovery. At least, that has been the case in the past and there is every indication it will continue to be the case for awhile longer. Still, we cannot allow ourselves to become complacent. It remains essential that we (1) continue searching for new reserves; and (2) press development of viable alternatives to fossil fuels.

On the political side of things, I noted with deep concern the news that the superintendent of schools in San Francisco has ruled that JROTC units be removed from all high school campuses in the system. The reason given is that parents have raised objections to the units being used to recruit their children for service in the U.S. military. Liberals have fought the presence of ROTC on college campuses going back to the Vietnam war, now they want them off high school campuses as well. Are they afraid their children may show some courage and begin believing again that we can never stop fighting to defend our freedom and that of others in this world?

And how do the liberals think leadership skills are acquired? Leaders are not born with the needed skills to lead. Effective leaders learn first how to follow and once they have learned how to take orders, they are ready to begin learning the skills of leadership. It is possible to learn such skills as a member of student organizations, the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and others, but none do a better job than military-oriented units like JROTC, the Junior American Legion and ROTC. So, by closing down JROTC units in San Francisco high schools, liberals have cut off one more avenue young people can follow to becoming leaders.

Effective leaders understand the value of team work and what it takes to build a team. They are flexible in selecting a leadership style appropriate for the situation involved. There are many factors to consider in leading and that's the reason its a learning process, not something anyone is born with.

Another thing about the ROTC is that the program has produced more officers for the various services than all of the military academies combined. But that is something liberals, in their woolly way of seeing life, choose to ignore.


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