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Friday, March 14, 2008

Denocrat Split?

Obama and Clinton seem to be on a path to destruction of the Democrat party. If a drastic change in direction is not made, that outcome is all but assured. Obama now has the task of separating himself from the minister of the church he has been a member of for 20 years. Anyone who says the song God bless America should be changed to God damn America has a serious problem and Obama either believes it or he doesn't. In either case, he needs to explain himself to the voters and even that may not be enough to save his campaign. If he was a regular at his church for 20 years, how could he not be influenced by Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his preachings? That's a question all thinking voters need to ask themselves before voting for the man.

Hillary has her own problems to deal with. She has repeatedly lied about her visit to Bosnia. She is only too willing to do almost anything to get elected. I've said it before, she's a person filled with hatred and a mean streak she can no longer hide. I believe she truly hates men, married Bill Clinton and bore their daughter Chelsea to create an image of normalcy in their relationship.
She rode Bill Clinton's charisma into the White House and hardly batted an eye over his actions with other women, so determined is she to go all the way. She's insincere and really doesn't care about people other than herself.

How McCain Will Win

John McCain built a reputation in the Senate with his ability to cross the aisle to arrive at compromises on key legislation. While that doesn't sit well with far right conservatives in the Republican party, Senate Democrats know McCain is willing to meet them half way on issues needing bi-partisan support. McCain stands head and shoulders above Clinton and Obama on foreign affairs matters and the U.S. miltary, a stance vital to the nation's security in a troubled world. McCain is looking more like the winner every day.

McCain's Running Mate

It's been reported that McCain has about 20 possible candidates to look at. There are a number of good candidates. The main thing he must keep in mind is to select someone whose strengths complement his own. The same principle applies to his selection of Cabinet members. An effective commander always surrounds himself or herself with talented people he or she can trust.


Congress is falling all over itself to bail out subprime mortgage borrowers and lenders in the belief that will put an end to the nation's current housing mess. It may seem harsh of me to say it, but bailouts are wrong in my view. Bailouts will do nothing to create smarter borrowers and lenders. Their attitude will be "the government bailed me out the last time, they'll do it again". Letting the borrowers caught in the current mess suffer for their wrong decisions will teach them one heck of a lot more than using taxpayer money to bail them out. Some would have to learn to control their greed, others would have to learn to read and understand the risks of what they are getting into. There needs to be much stronger regulation of the lending community and better oversight. Their actions leading to the current mess border on the criminal and must be brought to an end.


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