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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today, January 21, 2009 begins my 24/7 watch on President Obama.

Obama Appointments

Three of the new President's cabinet appointments are worrisome...Hillary Clinton, Timothy Geithner and Eric Holder. Clinton faces a surefire conflict of interest charge over the issue of foreign-source contributions to her husband's foundation. Geithner faces strong criticism over his tax problems with the IRS from his time with the International Monetary Fund. He didn't pay those taxes until he rose to the top of possible candidates for Secretary of the Treasury.
Hillary Clinton could well make an effective Secretary of State, but the influence of those foreign-source contributions in her husband's foundation would have to be returned before I would feel comfortable.

Geithner is a different story. Others have gone to prison for not paying their taxes. The Dems say Geithner is extremely important in solving problems in the financial community because of his many years of service in the federal reserve under several administrations. That may be, but no one can convince me there aren't other individuals in this country who pay their taxes and are qualified to do the job.

I'm not overjoyed with Eric Holder as Attorney General. Rush Limbaugh calls him Eric "Marc Rich" Holder for his involvement in getting Clinton to pardon Rich in 2000. Holder is also anti-gun and is a serious threat to do his utmost to take guns away from us in violation of the second amendment. Were he to be successful in doing that, government control of the country would be absolute, short of an open rebellion.

Gitmo Closing

There are something like 250 suspected terrorist prisoners at Guantanomo who will need transfering to another location if the prison compound is shut down. Where will they go? Here in the continental USA? Where in this country? Another country, and if so, what country? I fully agree the prisoners should be charged and tried, but not in a civilian court. These are military combatants and they should be tried in a military court. It might be appropriate to put the inmates in Pelosi's and Findstein's back yard in San Francisco (re-open Alcatraz?).

Investing in a Socialist America

BHO talked extensively during his campaign about a need for the government to "invest in the country". That's what is going on now with the bailouts and his plan to reinvigoate the economy. The government is already the major shareholder in the financial sector and will soon be the same in the auto industry. And the more our taxes are spread around in other sectors, the deeper will be government's ownership of what was once the private sector. We can then say goodbye to the United States of America as we will have become the Socialist States of America. As our freedoms are taken away from us one at a time until we are no better off than my father and his forbears were before they came here from Finland in the late 19th century.

The Bush Haters

True to predictions, the Bush haters are continuing their attacks on our 43d President. No doubt this will go on throughout Obama's administration. The haters are made up exclusively of leftwingers who thrive on their hatred because they have nothing positive to offer the American people. They avoid any honest discussion of the facts because they fear the truth.


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