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Monday, January 15, 2007

It looks like the Democrats in Congress, lacking any real plan of their own for fighting Islamic terrorism and the fighting in Iraq, are going to pontificate until hell freezes over in committee hearings. Last week they had a panel of intelligence experts both civilian and military sitting before them and did little more than bombard them with questions and political b---s--- . They weren't interested in answers. A few days earlier they did the same thing to Condi Rice before her trip to the Middle East. The Democrats would have us believe that they are all experts in military strategy and tactics and that our military leaders are stupid. They're all foreign relations experts as well and Condi Rice is a dummy.

Let's get a few things straight. Our military leaders are people who have worked hard in K-12 to meet the tough entrance requirements of four years in one of the nation's military academies, or officer candidate school, months of hard study at Command & General Staff School and War Colleges for the best of them. Most are combat veterans. Many others are products of Reserve Officer Training Corps programs at our nation's public colleges and universities who have undergone experience and advanced training similar to those who have graduated from the academies. In general all of these leaders are way ahead of the would-be military strategists in Congress.


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