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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Whenever the subject of energy comes up you can be sure the critics will find a way to jump on the world's oil companies and criticize them for the lack of effort to do something about global warming. But when one of those companies announces they are doing something, it rarely if ever is picked up by the mass media. A case in point is the work ExxonMobil is doing with carbon dioxide sequestration. They are developing a system whereby CO2 is stripped from the stack gases of power plants and other manufacturing facilities, compressed and pumped back in the ground into caverns and other played out reservoirs that once held natural gas, coal or crude oil where it is kept from entering the atmosphere.

It's also interesting to note that ExxonMobil was among the first manufacturers of fuel rods for nuclear power plant reactors, an indication the company sees beyond fossil fuels. They have also been among the leaders in developing desulfurization processes for lowering the sulfur content of fuels in the interest of reducing acid rain.


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