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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Maine Becomes Fifth State to Approve Same-Sex Marriage

The nation continues its plunge into the oblivion of moral turpitude and collectivism. With 10% of the country now accepting same-sex marriage, it won't be long before we will reach the point of no return. Now you can add New Hampshire to the list as well. Marriage was never intended to embrace same-gender couples. If they want to call it a civil union, okay, but leave marriage to describe a union of one man and one woman.

States Rights

The Civil War, or as some call it the War Between the States, was fought over states rights, not slavery as is commonly believed. The concept of states rights goes back to the Continental Congress which was continued under the Constitution of the United States of America. That concept called for limited federal government, not the overarching monster it has become. With the exception of the nation's common defense virtually all else was to remain the responsibility of the states.

Over the years since the signing and ratification of the Constitution, the people have allowed the federal government to assume more and more power at the expense of states rights. Much of that change has occured in the last 120 years as progressive liberals have gained increasing control in all branches of government. Initiating much of the shift in power was the passage of the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887 followed by the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890.

The Progressive Movement

Early liberals and progressives pushed for abolition of slavery and they favored prohibition. They rejected religion as the driving force for change. They fought to stop corruption by taming political bosses and machines with limited success. In modern time they have been more successful in getting more people directly involved in the political process particularly in the Democrat Party. They believe government must play a major role in solving social and economic problems. In the process they have created a society of "victims" totally dependent on the government from cradle to grave, and strong enough to fill Congress and the White House with a series of fellow travellers. And it hasn't come without one hell of a price in the size and cost of government, oppressive taxation, and condemnation of people of achievement in our society.

Can the Movement Be Stopped?

Stopping the progressive movement will not be easy if not impossible due to the deep entrenchment of progressives throughout our society. It seems to do little good to answer back to those who want to press ahead for such measures as universal healthcare and the bailout of inefficient auto manufacturers to name but two. It may be possible to slow down the progressives through action in the courts such as is moving forward in the states of Montana, Texas, Utah and Tennessee involving an intrastate v. interstate commerce issue.


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