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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Primary and Special Elections

The elections held on Tuesday, May 18, 2010 reflected considerable concern about what is happening to us as a nation. Results point to an historic shift in power to the conservative end of the political spectrum in November. Much of it is being driven by the Tea Party Movement which is built around returning to constitutional government as defined by the founding fathers. An added influence is coming from many who voted for Obama and who are now suffering "buyers' remorse". Included in that group are those who voted for Obama out of a strong hatred for George W. Bush.

Tea Party Movement

When media leftists pooh pooh the Tea Party Movement, you know they and their Democrat friends are running scared. The tea party is genuinely grassroots in its appeal. It lacks the structure of either major political party in the country and will remain that way if it's to succeed in its return-to-constitutional government mission. Many on the left like to say it's a Republican-driven movement, but that is not the case. While many of those who have joined in demonstrations of the movement are indeed Republicans, there are many independents and Democrats joining in as well.

Buyers' Remorse

A very good friend of mine voted for Obama because he saw him as a fresh face pointing to a hopeful future. My friend also despised George W. Bush and simply did not want to see his way of doing things continue. He now freely admits to "buyers' remorse" and is enthusiastic about the Tea Party Movement. My friend is not alone as there are thousands if not millions who share his changed point of view.

Bush Hatred

Those who express hatred for Bush usually cite the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. A few elitists cite his manner of speaking and other irrelevancies. I think they were/are wrong about the wars. Every U.S. intelligence agency believed there were WMD in Iraq which Hussein was in position to use against his neighbors and U.S. interests in the Middle East. That same intelligence knew that perpetrators of the 9/11 attack (i.e., Islamic extremists sponsored by al-Qaeda) on the Trade Center, Pentagon and their abortive attempt to attack other DC targets had come from the Middle East and had trained in Afghanistan as well as here. I find it interesting that we have not had another successful attack since 9/11 except that of the Islamic extremist LTC at Fort Hood. Do you think the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have had anything to do with that ?


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