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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Saving America

Am I alone in my growing feeling that unless we change course now we will soon be a totally collective state ? I hope and pray there are others who see what's happening and are willing to join with those who want to right the ship and return us to government as set down by the founding fathers in the Constitution. We know it won't be easy and it won't be done over night, but we must begin.

2010 Elections

The next opportunity to begin saving America will be the the votes in Congress on such issues as healthcare, cap & trade, immigration reform and the military budget et al. Then it will be on to the 2010 elections. Every seat in the House of Representatives will be up for grabs and one-third of the Senate.

Many seats held by liberal Democrats in the House are going to be vulnerable because of growing disallusionment in Obama's policies and actions. Moderate and Blue dog Democrats are probably safe except for those in normally Republican territories. Seats held by Republicans should be safe for the most part. Republicans should take back a few seats in the Senate, at least enough to make it difficult for the Democrats to get a two-thirds majority on votes requiring it.

Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

Awarding a Nobel Peace Prize to a man who has only been in the White House less than 8 months would be laughable if it wasn't for what lies behind Obama's selection. He was selected by people who support collectivising the entire world in one big socialist society. Anyone who doubts that is either very naive or a supporter of the collectivist movement. Of course, it isn't the first time the Nobel prize committee has shown their true stripes in their Peace prize selections. Arafat...Woodrow Wilson...Jimmy nauseum were all strong left-leaning purported leaders. I no longer have any respect for the Nobel folks when it comes to their Peace awards.

I respected the Nobel people when they gave the prize for economics to Milton Friedman back in the 70's. I had the honor and privilege of meeting him in Miami a few days after he received the prize. He seemed to always talk common sense. We certainly could use people of Friedman's insight today.


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