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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sarah Palin Decides to Step Down

Causing concern on both sides of the political aisle, Sarah Palin will end her brief term as Governor of Alaska on July 26, 2009. Is she just plain sick and tired of the bogus charges her political opponents have heaped up on her? The expense of fighting those charges, rumored at being at least $500,000 so far? For the sake of her family? Those are some of the suggested reasons behind her decision, but is there more?

In my opinion, Palin's opposition is deeply afraid of her powerful attraction. They had to try to cut her down one way or another. They sent an army of investigators up to Alaska to dredge up anything and everything they could find that might stick. Now that she has decided to step down, they are charging her with being a quitter, thus questioning her strength under fire. Some are saying she's a bit irrational, therefore even more unreliable. Many other pundits are saying she'll never be a serious candidate for President again.

I have no way of knowing what's driving Palin, but I do have a pet theory. I believe she will go out on the speaking circuit to further explain her political philosophy which parallels that of many who have become active in the Tea Party and 9/12 movements. She would not have been able to do that while remaining in the Governor's seat in Alaska. Her ideas will be instrumental in the firming up of a platform on which she will re-enter public office on the strength of those movements. By no means have we seen the last of Sarah Palin.

Michael Jackson

I have never quite understood how people become so enthused over an entertainer that they lose all sense of reality. Michael Jackson is but the latest in a line of characters who succumbed to drugs that ultimately killed them. Jackson's case was made worse by his pedophilic tendencies and gross mistreatment of his body to take on the appearance of a white man. Some have said you must separate his talent from his off-stage persona. That's like saying O.J. Simpson should be recognized for his talent as a football player apart from his being responsible for the death of his wife and her friend. I'm sorry, I can't make such a separation and I think the attention and adoration given Jackson is sickening beyond belief.

Obama's Race to Socialism

Healthcare and energy are now fueling Obama's rush to socialism and a collectivist state. There can be little doubt now that he intends to end private health insurance by insisting on a government managed option. He insists that the option is for people currently uninsured and those who can't afford private coverage. He also says it will "keep private insurers honest" and force them to be competitive. How can a private, profit-making insurer compete with the government who 1) is not profit oriented, and 2) has unlimited access to tax revenues? The fact is it can't. And, if that weren't enough, how long will it take for employers who currently pay a good portion of the premium on a private plan for their employees to decide to discontinue the practice leaving the latter no real choice but to take up the government option? When that happens, the government will have a strangle hold on healthcare as we know it.

Obama is determined to get us off fossil fuel energy, come hell or high water. He has refused to support further growth in nuclear power and he ignores totally the fact that petroleum is the source for treating many of mankind's needs beyond energy production. He also believes that research money will hasten the day for alternative energy sources. Money is not the problem. Science and engineering are already working full bore on alternatives, and it's being done by privste enterprise, not government.


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