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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Is Mark Sanford's Political Career Over?

Gov. Mark Sanford's confession of infidelity is the most recent such confession in a long list by high ranking politicians. Marital infidelity is not new, it has gone on since the dawn of time. What's bothersome to me are the expectations we mortals have of the people we elect to public office. We expect them to be as innocent as the pure driven snow then act so chagrined when they miss the mark like most of us. Some would say that the concepts of such purity and reality are mutually exclusive anyway. That being the case, do we expect too much of our elected officials? Probably, but that's not all bad. We should never stop reaching for the ideal.

In Sanford's case, I'm also concerned because his action costs us someone who might have made a strong presidential candidate in 2012. In fact, did his star rising in the Republican Party actually bring about his political demise? Was there a mole among his staff members who alerted the the liberal media and the Democrat leadership to his absense from South Carolina over Fathers' Day weekend? It certainly is possible in this era of dirty politics. In any case, Sanford's situation can't help but put a crimp in his political future. I doubt he will be a serious possibility in 2012.

Who Are the Leading 2012 Candidates?

It's still a bit early, but the Sanford affair has probably added to Mitt Romney's attraction. Had he won the GOP nomination in 2008, he might well have been elected instead of Obama. Jeb Bush is another possibility as is Sarah Palin, dispite Dem attempts to degrade her. There will be others.

Infidelity in the White House Has a History

Not much is known about the extramarital affairs of our early Presidents, but that which is known suggests it could have been as prevalent back then as it has been in recent time. There were rumors about Dolly Madison and we know for a fact Thomas Jefferson had a long term relationship with one of his slaves. During the 20th century Franklin Roosevelt had an affair that was well known to Eleanor and his closest confidants. In fact, the object of his infidelity was with him in Warm Springs, GA when he died in April 1945. Eisenhower had Kay Summersby, his driver during WWII in Europe. Jack Kennedy had at least two women on the side in the form of Marilyn Monroe and the friend of crime boss Giancana. Lynden Johnson was known for taking vitamin B shots before his frequent rolls in the hay with a lady of color and others. It was rumored that Richard Nixon had something going with Madam Chiang Kai Shek. Most recently, there was Bill Clinton who had a passion for women other than Hilliary. And, that's probably only part of the story.

Personally, I belong to the school that believes extracurricular affairs adversely impact the guilty party's effectiveness as a political leader only if the affairs come to light. That in no way makes such affairs acceptable, because they aren't.


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