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Friday, June 05, 2009

Energy Development

I have concluded that the Obama administration will continue to do everything it can to prevent further development of fossil fuels and expansion of nuclear power in the U.S. This will be very much to the detriment of the country and our economy. I think Obama would like to take over the U.S. oil and gas industry much as he has done with the auto industry, but he realizes it is too strong and widespread for him to do it. We can be thankful for that.

If Obama was truly interested in developing alternative energy sources and applications, he would turn development responsibility over to private sector companies who have already done a lot of research in the area. But, that would not fit his plan to force the country into a collectivist state.

Drilling Offshore Florida

The Florida Legislature passed a ruling late in the last session that would permit drilling for oil and gas as close in to shore as 3 miles. Apparently the ruling was passed without committee review which has given some people great concern. Today's technology doesn't require a drilling rig working so close to shore. It can be done from several miles further out by adopting lateral drilling methods. It should also be noted that all offshore wells are now equipped with automatic shutoff valves which greatly reduce the likelihood of a spill.

Obama's Seizure of the Financial Industry

Obama's annouced plans for closer scrutiny and oversight of the financial industry today (June 17, 2009) are nothing more than the next step in solidifying his hold on the nation's throat. Few would deny the need for more regulation after the fiasco created by the subprime fiasco, but he plans to move well beyond reasonable regulation. He intends to regulate credit card interest rates when he should be talking about reigning in the credit card companies and their aggressive efforts to entice people into over spending and increased debt. He has made it easier for people to get mortgage funding when he should be working to get lending institutions to tighten downpayment requirements and not lending to people who don't stand a chance of being able to make payments. All of this fits in with his takeover of the U.S. auto industry and his plans to increase the tax burden on the wealthty and middle class.

Welcome to the United Socialist States of America!


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