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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Supreme Court Nominee Sotomayor

There is little doubt that Obama's first nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, Court of Appeals Judge Sonia Sotomayor, will win approval of the Senate. Still, it's important that her nomination receive a full airing before the Senate Judicial Committee before it is taken up by the full Senate.

The main issue of concern to the conservative minority is what Obama has described as "empathy" and her view of the role of a judge. She leans in the direction of making decisions based on "feelings" she has about so-called minorities in our country rather than a strict interpretation of the law. Judges pledge to be unbiased in their application of the law but many have difficulty living up to their pledge. All of us humans are influenced by our life experiences which is at the core of our judgment and behavior.

Sotomayor, for example, voted to throw out a decision made by a Connecticut fire department in promoting a number of candidates based on their scores in an examination of their knowledge of the job. Most were white but one or two of the other candidates were minorities. She said her ruling was based on the fact there were not enough minorities among the candidates. She obviously believes in a quota system based on the makeup of the population much as was imposed for a number of years under equal employment opportunity rules. I am opposed to quotas when it comes to hiring and promoting employees and government should keep its nose out of private sector hiring policies.

General Motors Bankruptcy ?

GM is going through the bankruptcy it should have been allowed to do many months ago. A lot of time and taxpayer money has been wasted in an effort to keep them out of the process, all because Obama felt he owed the United Auto Workers a debt for their help in getting him elected. Now we're going to wind up with the government owning 60% of the company, the UAW with 20% and the rest owned by Canada and bondholders. The government now owns our banks and financial system plus a major component of our manufacturing capability, the first steps to establishing a socialist state. Russian communists did it, Hitler and Musolini did it, Fidel Castro did it and Hugo Chavez did it. Need I say more about the direction we are being driven in ?


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