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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Are We Waking Up?

Recent polls indicate that Obama's popularity may be waning. His personal popularity is holding reasonably well but his actions are drawing increased criticism especially as they relate to spending and increasing debt. Is it possible that his supporters are starting to understand that the price for increasing debt will be inflation and higher interest rates? And if people are beginning to see the latter, how long before they will also come to understand where Obama is leading the country?

Stopping the Madness

Stopping Obama will not be easy. Right now, he's got the country on a runaway train and runaway trains are not easy to stop. The only people in a position to stop him is Congress and it also is in the hands of mad men and women. Our first opportunity to slow things down will be in the 2010 mid-term elections when the entire House comes up for election along with 1/3 of the Senate. Sane voters will see to it that every member of Congress who has supported the madness emanating from the White House is voted out of office and replaced with people who will defend individual rights and abide by the U.S. Constitution as it was intended.

Term Limits Looking Better

For many years I didn't favor term limits in the belief I was voting for people who wouldn't abuse their power. I have finally reached the point where I believe all office holders eventually abuse their power if allowed to stay in office long enough. Henceforth I plan to reserve my votes for candidates who support term limits. In that way we will have a better chance to oust those who deviate from the Constitution they have sworn to defend. Reasonable limits would be as follows: U.S. President and Vice President-2 terms; U.S. Senate-2 terms; U.S. House of Representatives-4 terms; State Governors and Lt. Governors-2 terms; State Senators-12 years total; State Representatives-8 years total. State, U.S. Federal and Supreme Court Justices should not be appointed for life terms.

Properly Addressing Senators

It seems that some of our people in Congress are quite sensitive about the manner in which they are addressed. During a hearing this week, Senator Boxer (D-Cal) became irritated with a Brig. General who repeatedly used the terms "Madam" and "Ma'am" when addressing her questions. She stopped him in mid sentence and asked him to stop calling her "Madam" and to address her as "Senator". She was quick to add that she "had worked hard to reach her office and would like to be addressed as "Senator". Interestingly, in another part of their exchange, Boxer addressed the General as "Tom". Had I been the General, I would have asked Boxer to address me as "General", not by my first name. It was obvious throughout the exchange with Boxer that the General was merely doing what he had been taught to do from childhood and that was to be polite when dealing with members of the opposite sex. I think Boxer, like many of her fellow liberal/progressive Congress people, hates the U.S. military and she showed it in this moment.


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