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Friday, September 10, 2010

Restoring Honor

The Restoring Honor rally held by Glen Beck at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 2010 was without question a memorable event. It will be remembered well into the future as a day that brought many Americans back to understanding the true meaning of our nation and its founding.

Emphasis was placed on our founding values, our God-given rights and need for everyone to get back with God as individuals. Honored during the event were wounded veterans of the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam, three civilians credited with contributing to the wellbeing of society in the areas of Faith, Hope and Charity, and a host of spiritual leaders both black and caucasian. Speaking from the spot where Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his historic "I Have a Dream" speech, Beck paid tribute to King and the true meaning of his speech with King's niece standing by his side.

Attending the rally were an estimated 500,000 people, a crowd stretching along both sides of the reflection pool from the Washington Monument to and including the Lincoln Memorial steps. Amazing to my wife who attended the Rally was the fact that when the Rally ended everyone picked up any trash around them and deposited it in plastic bags at several gathering places leaving the grounds as clean or cleaner than when the crowd got there. A totally different sight than that which followed Obama's inauguration in January 2009.

I personally believe the Restoring Honor Rally will be seen to have been a turning point in the nation's path forward and will mark the end of what the Obama administration had intended to become a march to absolute socialism.

Tea Party Movement Success

Now that the primary election season has ended, campaigning for the Mid-term election in November is in full swing with many Tea Party Movement (TPM) backed candidates getting ready to do battle. Their success in states like New York, Delaware, Ohio, Massachusetts, Florida, South Carolina and Nevada bodes well for an historic turnover in Congress as well as in a few State Houses.

The Democrats have so little to run on that they are turning to attack the TPM in every way they can, the most recent being the NAACP's accusation that there is racism in the TPM. The vast majority of Democrat candidates are running away from Obamacare, Cap n' Trade and stimulus.

Mid-term Election Results

The number of mid-term election predictions is increasing daily as we move closer to November 2nd. I have seen too many surprises in past elections to be sure of likely winners. It began for me with Harry Truman's election in 1948. That was followed by Jack Kennedy's victory in 1960 and any number of surprises in Congressional, state and local elections thereafter. Risky though it may be, however, here are my predictions for Congress:

  • The Republicans will get a net gain of 50 seats in the House of Representatives to take control;
  • They will gain seats in the Senate but the Dems will retain the majority in the Senate by 2 votes.

George Soros

Billionaire George Soros has backed left-wing organizations in our country for many years. A few days ago, he gave over $ 1 million to National Public Radio (NPR) and has made similar donations in the past to the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). Interestingly, day before yesterday NPR saw fit to fire Juan Williams for a statement he made to the affect that whenever he gets on a plane and some one in Muslim garb also boards, it causes him concern. His statement could have been made by millions of Americans who feel the same way. Was Soros' hand in this fiasco ? Does the fact that Soros and his fellow travellers hate Fox News for whom Williams also works have anything to do with it ? Does a dog have fleas ?


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