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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Global Warming

Now the guy who gave us the "hockey stick" graph showing rapid global warming over recent decades and claiming it is caused by increased burning of coal and other fossil fuels has apparentlyreversed himself. He now says more recent cooling is the result of China burning more coal ! How can he have it both ways ? In my opinion, those who preach "warming" caused by human endeavor are alarmists of the first order. Our contribution is minor in comparison to the contribution of nature including the sun, and can't be controlled by man. We must work to develop alternate energy sources, but for a different reason---we will one day run out of fossil fuels.

Fuel Prices

The price of gasoline and diesel fuel is heavily dependent on the price of crude oil which in turn depends on supply and commodity speculators. Supply in the world marketplace is largely controlled by the OPEC countries because as a group they produce the most oil. We import oil from both the OPEC countries and non-OPEC sources like Canada and Mexico and we still produce a lot of our own, but not enough to gain our independence from foreign oil. We need to produce more of our own oil and that means from places like ANWR, the Gulf of Mexico, western USA shale deposits and off the Continental Shelf. Obama has blocked added production, another reason why he must be defeated for re-election in 2012.

Energy Conservation

The automakers have done a good job of improving the fuel economy of their products in recent years. Most of them are offering hybrid vehicles capable of reaching 50 mpg of fuel. Working against that trend, however, are the supporters of ethanol blended gasoline. Ethanol produces less power than conventional gasoline and therefore reduces fuel economy. Corn product producers sold the nation a bill of goods on that one and forced increased prices on corn product food prices as well.

Mass Transit

Trains that can move at 200+mph are being touted by some as a solution to our energy concerns. It's interesting to note that such systems are mostly promoted by
big government enthusiasts who don't care a damn about the burden they place on the taxpaying public. There isn't a rapid transit system anywhere in the world that has ever paid it's own way.


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