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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Obama Continues to Disrespect America

Obama insists on apologizing for America's past which only serves to weaken our influence in the World. We have nothing to apologize for unless it's the fact we saved Europe twice in the last century; unless it's for the billions of dollars we have given away to nations who fought against us in past wars; unless it's for all we have done to help poor nations in their fight against poverty and illness; and so much more. No other President in the history of our nation has acted the way Obama has. But then, it fits the pattern of this man who so far, at least, has done nothing positive in support of our interests. And, what world is he apologizing to?

Threatened Indictment of Terrorist Interrogators

I find it absolutely incredible that Obama has left the door open to possible indictment of those patriots who authored and carried out instructions for interrogating captured terrorists. The record will show that the methods used yielded very important intelligence information about the activities of Islamic terrorist al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The members of both groups want to kill us.

If the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Senator Leahy are allowed to win out in pushing for further investigation of the matter and indictment of members of George Bush' s administration for permittimg "harsh interrogation" of terrorists, it will be time for patriots across the nation to stop the nonsense.

Evidence Against the Obama Administration Continues to Build

I know of no action taken thus far by the Obama administration or its fellow travelers in Congress that doesn't add to the evidence that he is leading us into a total socialist, collectivist state. The most recent acts are the apologetic stances he took at the G20 conference in Europe and his meeting with the heads of Latin American nations. Now we can also add the "suicide" of the acting CFO of Freddie Mac. CFO Kellerman left no notes which is unusual in suicide cases. From his 16 years with that organization, there can be little doubt he knew a lot about what has gone on behind the scenes, something that no doubt raised some concern in those who would be hurt politically or otherwise were his knowledge to become public.

The Spector Switch

Arlen Spector's change from the GOP to the Democrat Party should come as no surprise to anyone who has kept up with the changing political scene in this country. I had my first doubts about him when he served on the Warren Commission in its investigation of the John Kennedy assassination. His single bullet theory in that investigation defies reason. His voting record has always been a concern to conservatives. His vote with the Democrat majority on the stimulus measure was totally out of character for a supposed Republican. And, now his switch in party affiliation leaves no doubt about his convictions. The switch also shows that he is more concerned about re-election than anything else. As a registered Republican, I say good riddance. Now, what will the two Senators from Maine do? They are not unlike Spector and I suspect they may switch parties as well.

In terms of numbers, there's no question but what Spector's move hurts the GOP and if others decide to jump the ship, it will will reduce the party's influence significantly. And that will be tragic for the future of this nation unless the party that may derive from the Tea Parties and Project 9/12 should become the new party of choice. The challenges it will face will be many. It will have to educate those who insist on supping at the public trough, give them back enough of their pride to get them to re-learn the work ethic and experience the joy of doing a job well and earning their way through life again.