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Monday, August 29, 2011

Organized Labor Disenchanted With Obama ?

It's been reported that the AFL-CIO is drawing back from all-out support of the President in his quest for re-election next year. At issue is failure of the administration to get "card check" through Congress and the Boeing plant scheduled for Charleston, SC, a "right-to-work state". No doubt the government union worker fiasco in Wisconsin has further exascerbated the situation. One would think labor leaders would see the light by now, that the American public no longer supports their strong-arm tactics. I believe we are witnessing the death knell of organized labor as we have known it the past 60 years or more.

I further believe it is time for labor and management to come together to cooperate in rebuilding American industry into a profitable enterprize that benefits everyone involved. I would like to see all private businesses become profit-sharing enterprizes. I believe that would lead to mutual trust and end the urge or perceived need to form unions.

Occupy Wall Street

What began as a disjointed and seemingly aimless demonstration has taken on a more serious tone not only in the area of Wall Street in Lower Manhattan, NYC but in cities around the country. Support for the demonstrations is now coming from organized labor (SEIU, et al) and one can see the deft hand of George Soros as well. In some locations Red communist banners are being openly displayed, thus no longer leaving any doubt about the motivation of the political left in this country. Obama is all for the unions and that says a lot about his political leanings which, in my view, have always been suspect. It makes his defeat in the general election next year imperative if we are to prevent this nation from becoming another European-type failed institution.