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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Obama's Foreign Policy

Does anyone wonder why Obama is constantly apologizing for the USA to the rest of the world?
He does it every time he addresses foreign nations whether here or abroad, the most recent being today (09/23/09) before the UN General Assembly. I, for one, am getting damned tired of it and I suspect I'm not alone. We have nothing to apologize for. Twice we saved the world from destroying itself by winning WWI and WWII in the 20th century, and we protected it by bringing the Soviet Union to its economic knees in the Cold War.

Nuclear Weapons Proliferation

We are now faced with further nuclear proliferation in North Korea and Iran and so far the rest of the world has done nothing to prevent it. All the cajoling in the world will not stop either North Korea or Iran. Neither will economic sanctions. We're dealing with people who only understand one thing...force!

North Korea

One nation could stop North Korea in its tracks right now...China. While we hold at the 38th parallel, they could mass at the Yalu River and after giving North Korea one ultimatum, move in quickly and take over if the Koreans refuse to give way. South Korea probably would not like that, but it sure would put an end to the North's stupid stance which has only served to hurt their people.


Achminajacket, as Bob Beckell calls him, again blasted the hell out of Israel and the West generally before the UN yesterday. Maintaining that the Holocaust of WWII didn't happen, he laid down a virtual gaunlet in his continuing attack on Israel. Like North Korea, Iran must be stopped in its efforts to acquire nukes. It looks like the task will fall to Israel as the UN again doesn't have the guts to go beyond economic sanctions that are worthless.


Netanyahu delivered his response to Iran at the UN this morning. Offering proof of the Holocaust in the form of engineering plans for the construction of Aushwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, revealing the fact virtually all of his wife's forebears were killed in Nazi concentration camps, and asking how was it that all survivors of the camps still carry serial numbers imbedded in their arms, he let Iran and the General Assembly know that Israel probably may have little choice. The question is will the UN do more than okay a few more useless sanctions? I doubt it. Meanwhile, we should back Israel in every way possible if they decide to go after Iran's nuclear capability.